Avant-Barre Technique Training

taught by Avant Barre

Course description

Learn basic barre technique to teach a beginner barre class, enhance your barre practice, or simply improve your form!

This course gives you the tools to understand everything you need to know about barre classes: basic anatomy, barre movements and choreography, common errors and how to make corrections.

Avant Barre
Avant Barre


Avant-Barre is San Francisco's #1 barre fitness studio. Our musically-driven workouts build strength, flexibility, and stamina while working your entire body from start to finish. Best described as "choreographed conditioning", Avant-Barre merges the creativity of dance, the intensity of modified plyometrics, and the challenge of coordinated stability to create a new barre experience for both instructor and student. 


Avant-Barre bridges the gap between the rigid principles of traditional barre and the athleticism and artistry of dance. Avant-Barre has identified ways to increase the positive results of barre and amplify the effectiveness of barre movement through creative sequencing. 

Course Curriculum

Anatomy Module: Spine and Pelvis
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Anatomy Module: Lower Extremity
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Anatomy Module: Upper Extremity
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